Klaine, and Crisscolfer...together, and apart.

Casket, and Sheldon Cooper.

Lovin' 'em all like nobody's business... you've been forewarned.

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Castle Season 5

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Although I don’t understand why Kurt didn’t get into NYADA

—Naya Rivera(x)

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Full behind the scenes of Goodbye from Season 3 DVD


Andrew Lincoln on Late Show with David Letterman () 2/16/12.

“You have a daughter. Does she know what you do?”

And I love it.


at some point i took a turn and now my life is fictional gay teenagers


I’ve heard this song before, but this video was very touching.  I’d just like to put it out there tonight that so many people are affected by abuse each and every day, and it is so hard to come forward, but if you can, help is waiting for you.

If you aren’t ready, there is help available too.  There are online support groups where you can remain anonymous, and there is always the Lord.

I know there are non-believers, but if you believe, pray.  I promise you, he will find a way to help.  I know that for a fact.

Dear Lord,

please help those who are affected by abuse, and those who are still fighting the eternal scars that stay with them each day.  Please help them to know that there are people who are ready to welcome them with open arms, and assist them in any way they can.  Please show them the path that will bring them refuge, and keep special watch over them in their time of trial.